About Me

Precaz. is a third party source of Elementor, also for themes or plugins stead of we’re using on demo.

Rizarullah Santoso

Hi, I'm Riza

Precaz. Founder

Precaz. is an art. This is a simple inspirational painting that tells the implementation of core business and technology values. Back in 2014, when I was a greeny in WordPress talks, and I was just a silent graphic designer who worked behind Photoshop and friends. So, in my logic, drag and drop was a default method to draw and designing anything on desktop screen. I knew it's wrong philosophy. But, that was my problem, and may be the others too.

At that time, still with my problem, Visual Composser (Now is WP Bakery Page Builder) was my best helper. I started to create my first WordPress site, and I also got some project of my old clients to build their website. I knew, I have no skills in coding (until now) and I felt hard to learn although everybody (or only Mullenweg) said the "code is poetry". Then in short time, I was being a really page builder addict.

In 2016, it was second years of my journey in wordpress, I accidentally found Elementor in WordPress repository. I forgot about the version, I just only knew it still a beta or pre release version. It was still have a problem with the fullwidht setting, and I feel little disappointed. But, generally I liked it, I liked the method. I thinked it's that I needed. Since that time I started using Elementor for me and my clients.

Unfortunately, the Elementor's library growth is not fast enough as it grows. We need more template library, and also we need it in low cost budget. So, today. As you see. I try to do this. I start to help each others to grow together as fast as we can. Lastly, I hope it's gonna be a good idea and works for everyone who use Elementor. So, just love your page builder, and try to download library from Precaz.

Warm Regards,
Rizarullah Santoso